Lauren Ipsum: A Fair Exchange & Cleverness When It Counts

Tags: books, lauren_ipsum, book_excerpts, fiction, c13u_diaries

Mostly Lost

Tags: books, lauren_ipsum, book_excerpts, fiction

Lauren Ipsum Mash-Up

Tags: books, lauren_ipsum, book_excerpts, fiction

Turing Machines: Universality & Duality

Tags: cos340, cs_theory

Arguing About Tails under Limited Information

Tags: probability, cos340, mathematics, discrete_mathematics

Lauren Ipsum: Lighthouses

Tags: book_excerpts, fiction, lauren_ipsum

Private Control Flow Illusion

Tags: cos217, operating_systems

A Linear-Time Algorithm for Finding Universal Sinks in Graphs

Tags: algorithms, graph_algorithms

Lauren Ipsum: Heuristics

Tags: fiction, lauren_ipsum, books, book_excerpts

A Minimal Shell

Tags: c, cos217, operating_systems, system_programming

Eponymous Bach from 'Sense and Sensibleness'

Tags: books, lauren_ipsum, book_excerpts

I/O Redirection

Tags: c, cos217, operating_systems, system_programming

Process Management

Tags: cos217, operating_systems, system_programming

Building C Programs: Preprocessing Stage

Tags: cos217, c

4 Steps for Probability

Tags: cos340, mathematics, probability, discrete_mathematics

Benefits of Virtual Memory

Tags: cos217, operating_systems, cos432, system_programming, information_security

Exception Handling in C

Tags: cos217, linux, operating_systems, cos432, information_security

Arthur C. Clarke, Love that Universe (1961)

Tags: arthur_clarke, fiction, books, book_excerpts, c13u_diaries

Second Dawn (Arthur C. Clarke)

Tags: fiction, education, books, arthur_clarke, book_excerpts, c13u_diaries

Arguing About the Tails: Chernoff Bounds

Tags: cos340, mathematics, probability, expectation, discrete_mathematics

Jump Game

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, breadth_first_search, graph_algorithms

Implementation of a Probability Tree

Tags: dynamic_programming, probability, medium_programming_challenges

Cherry Picking (Maximum Path in Both Directions)

Tags: dynamic_programming, path_finding, hard_programming_challenges, recursive_algorithms

Base-X Encoding a Positive Number

Tags: string_processing, medium_programming_challenges

Longest Sequence of Alternating Min and Max Peaks in an Array

Tags: dynamic_programming, arrays, medium_programming_challenges, array_search_under_constraints, subsequence_algorithms

Top-Down DP: The Rod Cutting Problem

Tags: dynamic_programming, algorithms, medium_programming_challenges, recursive_algorithms

Distributing Candy Under Constraints

Tags: arrays, hard_programming_challenges, array_transformations

Chapter I: Imposed Social Stratification

Tags: brave_new_world, fiction, books, dystopia, c13u_diaries

Brave New World: Chapter II

Tags: brave_new_world, fiction, books, c13u_diaries

Longest Fibonacci-Like Subsequence

Tags: dynamic_programming, medium_programming_challenges, subsequence_algorithms

Profitable Schemes (2D Dynamic Programming)

Tags: dynamic_programming, hard_programming_challenges, iterative_algorithms

Edit Distance by Dynamic Programming

Tags: dynamic_programming, algorithms, string_processing, hard_programming_challenges, edit_distance

Deleting a Node from a Binary Search Tree

Tags: trees, data_structures, binary_search_trees

Binary Search on a Non-Existent List

Tags: binary_search, mathematics, hard_programming_challenges

Neighborhood Search in a Sorted Array

Tags: arrays, binary_search, medium_programming_challenges, iterative_algorithms, array_contiguous_elements

Bottom-Up DP: The Rod Cutting Problem

Tags: dynamic_programming, algorithms

Words with an Edit Distance of Less Than K

Tags: hard_programming_challenges, dynamic_programming, string_processing, tries, recursive_algorithms, edit_distance, trees

Minimum in a Rotated but Sorted Array

Tags: array_search_under_constraints, binary_search, arrays, medium_programming_challenges, hard_programming_challenges

Minmimum ASCII Delete Sum

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, edit_distance, string_processing, dynamic_programming

Multi-Class SVM Loss

Tags: cs231n, image_classification, machine_learning, support_vector_machines, computer_vision

Coleman: Hacker Politics and Publics

Tags: egr_277, sociology, technology

Validate a Binary Search Tree

Tags: binary_trees, binary_search_trees, medium_programming_challenges, recursive_algorithms

Combination Sum

Tags: recursive_algorithms, medium_programming_challenges, dynamic_programming

Longest Substring with At Most K Unique Characters

Tags: hard_programming_challenges, string_processing, two_pointers, sliding_window

Missing Number in a List

Tags: easy_programming_challenges, array_search_under_constraints, bit_manipulation

Selection in an Unsorted Array

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, order_statistics, array_search_under_constraints, arrays

Invariance Principle for the MLE

Tags: point_estimation, maximum_likelihood, orf245, statistics

Properties of the Sample Mean

Tags: orf245, statistics, point_estimation

The Secure PRF Game

Tags: cos432, threat_model, message_integrity

PKI: Assumption of Authentic Certificate

Tags: public_key_infrastructure, cos432, information_security

Permute an Array in Place

Tags: randomized_algorithms, algorithms, array_transformations

Streak of Heads

Tags: probability, mathematics, expectation, discrete_mathematics

SVM vs. Softmax

Tags: cs231n, image_classification, machine_learning, softmax_classifier, support_vector_machines, computer_vision

Gradient Definition for an SVM Classifier

Tags: cs231n, image_classification, support_vector_machines, optimization, computer_vision

White Balance in an Image: The Von Kries Method

Tags: cos426, image_processing, computer_graphics

Open Source Software

Tags: wws351

Partitioning an Array

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, sorting, array_transformations

Zigzag Level Order Traversal for Binary Tree

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, binary_trees

Rootkit Malware

Tags: cos432, malware, information_security

Properties of Secure Communication

Tags: cos432, message_integrity, information_security

PKI: Authentic Download Assumption

Tags: cos432, public_key_infrastructure, information_security

Simplifying Gradient Calculation Using Calculus

Tags: cs231n, neural_networks, machine_learning, computer_vision

Efficiency of `find(x)` in a Disjoint Set DS

Tags: data_structures, cos423, disjoint_set

Word Search in a 2D Grid

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, recursive_algorithms, graph_algorithms, depth_first_search

Regular Expression Matching

Tags: dynamic_programming, recursive_algorithms, string_processing

Key Properties of Linear Filters

Tags: cos429, mathematics, image_processing, computer_graphics

Generate Unique Permutations from Possibly Duplicate Elements

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, iterative_algorithms, enumeration, permutation


Tags: permutations_and_combinations, medium_programming_challenges, iterative_algorithms, backtracking

Selecting K Random Elements

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, probability, sampling, randomized_algorithms, algorithms

OS Security Threat Model

Tags: cos432, operating_systems, information_security

OS Role in Security

Tags: cos432, operating_systems, information_security

Computer Viruses

Tags: cos432, malware, information_security

Proof of Work on the Blockchain

Tags: bitcoin, cos432, cryptocurrencies

Formula of Products Till N

Tags: clrs, summations, discrete_mathematics, mathematics

Layers of Computer Hardware

Tags: wws351

Why Do We Call Galileo Galilei by His First Name?

Tags: articles

String Permutations

Tags: string_processing, medium_programming_challenges, bit_manipulation, enumeration, permutation

Longest Common Subsequence

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, dynamic_programming, edit_distance, subsequence_algorithms

Signature-Based Antivirus (Anti-malware)

Tags: cos432, malware, information_security

Threat Model for Message Integrity

Tags: cos432, threat_model, message_integrity, information_security

The Softmax Classifier

Tags: cs231n, image_classification, softmax_classifier, computer_vision

Gradient Descent in an ML Model

Tags: cs231n, machine_learning, optimization, image_classification, computer_vision

Patterns in Back-Propagation

Tags: cs231n, neural_networks, machine_learning, computer_vision

Luminance in Images

Tags: cos426, computer_graphics, image_processing

Dithering Images

Tags: image_processing, cos426, computer_graphics

Accumulating Rewards on a Markov Chain

Tags: markov_chains, discrete_mathematics, probability, cos340, mathematics, orf309, expectation

House Robber

Tags: dynamic_programming, easy_programming_challenges, array_search_under_constraints

Test Statistics for Population Mean

Tags: orf245, hypothesis_testing, statistics


Tags: cos432, malware, information_security

Bitcoin Transactions

Tags: cos432, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin

Analysis of the Hiring Problem: Exactly 2 Hires

Tags: randomized_algorithms, probability, algorithms, clrs

Bounding the Harmonic Sum

Tags: mathematics, integral_calculus, summations, approximations

Bounding Sums by Induction

Tags: mathematics, summations, proofs, discrete_mathematics, approximations

Bounding Summations by Splitting Them

Tags: discrete_mathematics, summations, mathematics, clrs, approximations

Manipulating Geometric Sums

Tags: clrs, discrete_mathematics, summations, mathematics

You Need to Graduate!

Tags: graph_algorithms, medium_programming_challenges, topological_sort


Tags: cos432, malware, information_security

Consensus on the Blockchain

Tags: bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, cos432, information_security

Asymptotic Upper Bound Using Special Numeric Forms

Tags: approximations, clrs, summations, discrete_mathematics, mathematics

Find the Maximum Sum of Any Contiguous Subarray

Tags: dynamic_programming, medium_programming_challenges, arrays, array_contiguous_elements

PKI: Correct Domain Assumption

Tags: cos432, public_key_infrastructure, information_security

A Random Function as a Trivial MAC

Tags: cos432, message_integrity, information_security

The Blockchain as an Immutable Ledger

Tags: bitcoin, cos432, cryptocurrencies

DeMorgan's Laws

Tags: discrete_mathematics, mathematics, set_theory, clrs, proofs, induction

Applying kNN in Practice

Tags: cos429, cs231n, image_classification, computer_vision

Defining a Time-Homogenous Markov Chain

Tags: orf309, probability, discrete_mathematics, mathematics, markov_chains

Dynamic Memory Management II

Tags: c, memory, cos217, operating_systems, system_programming

Minimum Height Tree

Tags: graph_algorithms, breadth_first_search, trees, medium_programming_challenges

Reverse Every Pair in a Linked List

Tags: linked_lists, medium_programming_challenges, iterative_algorithms, recursive_algorithms

Rule of Succession

Tags: probability, wikipedia

Test Statistics for Paired Data

Tags: orf245, test_statistics, mean_statistics, statistics, two_sample_statistics

Test Statistics & Hypothesis Testing for Paired Data

Tags: orf245, statistics, test_statistics, two_sample_statistics, mean_statistics

Possible Reasons for Malware's Decline

Tags: cos432, malware, information_security

Coefficient of Determination

Tags: orf245, linear_regression, statistics, machine_learning

The Birthday Paradox

Tags: expectation, probability, mathematics, discrete_mathematics

Modeling a Markov Chain

Tags: markov_chains, orf309, discrete_mathematics, mathematics, probability

Topological Sort on an Alien Dictionary

Tags: hard_programming_challenges, string_processing, recursive_algorithms, graph_algorithms, topological_sort

Lowest Common Ancestor

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, recursive_algorithms, binary_trees

Does an Increasing Triplet Subsequence Exist?

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, arrays, array_search_under_constraints, subsequence_algorithms

Behavioral Consistency

Tags: psychology, methods_of_persuasion, rhetoric, books

K Steps on a Markov Chain

Tags: markov_chains, orf309, probability, mathematics, cos340, discrete_mathematics

Get the Next Permutation

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, mathematics, permutation

Longest Valid Parentheses

Tags: string_processing, hard_programming_challenges, dynamic_programming

Minimum Coin Change

Tags: dynamic_programming, medium_programming_challenges

Bi-Directional Search

Tags: breadth_first_search, graph_algorithms, medium_programming_challenges

Reverse Nodes in K-Group

Tags: hard_programming_challenges, linked_lists, recursive_algorithms

Access Control List vs. Capability

Tags: cos432, operating_systems, information_security

Subject, Verb, Object Policy in Access Control

Tags: cos432, information_security

A Least Squares Linear Probabilistic Model

Tags: orf245, machine_learning, linear_regression, statistics, least_squares

Double Spending on the Blockchain

Tags: bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, cos432

The Online Hiring Problem

Tags: probability, mathematics, randomized_algorithms, discrete_mathematics, integral_calculus, clrs, approximations

Aggregate Analysis of Algorithms

Tags: clrs, algorithms, cos423

Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy

Tags: articles, slate_star_codex, economics

Estimators for Two Samples

Tags: orf245, statistics, two_sample_statistics

Confidence Interval for Sample Mean

Tags: orf245, statistics, confidence_interval, probability

Interpreting Entropy

Tags: cos432, information_processing

Randomized Algorithms 101 (Case Example: Hiring Problem)

Tags: randomized_algorithms, algorithms, clrs

Balls and Bins (The Coupon Collector's Problem)

Tags: probability, mathematics, discrete_mathematics, expectation

Simplifying Sums

Tags: mathematics, summations, discrete_mathematics

Bounding Sums by a Geometric Series

Tags: proofs, summations, discrete_mathematics, mathematics, approximations

Bounding Summations Using Integrals

Tags: summations, discrete_mathematics, mathematics, approximations, integral_calculus

Manipulating Harmonic Series

Tags: summations, discrete_mathematics, proofs, clrs

Failure of Algorithms in Image Classification

Tags: cos429, cs231n, image_classification, computer_vision

Asimov: The Relativity of Wrong

Tags: isaac_asimov, rationality, essays

Browser Privacy Politics

Tags: cos432, information_security, privacy

Minimum Window Substring

Tags: sliding_window, hard_programming_challenges, string_processing

Decomment C++ Source Code

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, string_processing, deterministic_finite_automaton

Authenticating People

Tags: cos432, authentication, information_security

Behavioral Analysis Antivirus

Tags: cos432, malware, information_security

Gradient Calculation Through a Circuit Diagram

Tags: cs231n, machine_learning, neural_networks, computer_vision

Transient States and Recurrent Classes in a Markov Chain

Tags: markov_chains, orf309, mathematics, probability, discrete_mathematics

Introduction to Markets and Information

Tags: ele381, markets, information_processing, book_networks_crowds_and_markets

Possible Coin Change Denominations

Tags: dynamic_programming, medium_programming_challenges

What are these image filters good at?

Tags: cos429, image_processing, cos426, computer_graphics

Host-Based Malware Defenses

Tags: cos432, system_programming, operating_systems, malware, information_security

Error in Least Squares

Tags: orf245, statistics, machine_learning, least_squares, linear_regression

Backpropagation Using Staged Computation

Tags: cs231n, machine_learning, neural_networks, computer_vision

Word Break II

Tags: hard_programming_challenges, string_processing, recursive_algorithms

Number of Ways of Decoding a String

Tags: string_processing, medium_programming_challenges, recursive_algorithms, dynamic_programming

Generate All Non-Zero Subarrays

Tags: easy_programming_challenges, array_contiguous_elements, arrays

Palindrome Permutation II

Tags: string_processing, recursive_algorithms, medium_programming_challenges

Maximum Length of a Pair Chain

Tags: dynamic_programming, decision_problems, medium_programming_challenges, greedy_algorithms, sorting

Principles of Selecting Estimators

Tags: orf245, statistics, point_estimation

Percentiles of a Distribution

Tags: percentiles, order_statistics, orf245, statistics

Notable Malware

Tags: cos432, malware, information_security

The Secure MAC Game

Tags: cos432, message_integrity, threat_model, information_security

Find the Successor Node in a BST

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, binary_search_trees, order_statistics

Generate All Valid Parentheses

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, string_processing, recursive_algorithms, enumeration

Exactly One Edit Distance Away

Tags: string_processing, medium_programming_challenges, edit_distance

Restore IP Addresses

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, string_processing

Number of Longest Increasing Subsequences

Tags: medium_programming_challenges, array_search_under_constraints, arrays, dynamic_programming, subsequence_algorithms

Manipulating Virtual Memory

Tags: system_programming, cos217, operating_systems

Special Case Analysis of the Hiring Problem: Single Hire

Tags: randomized_algorithms, algorithms, probability, clrs

Counting Inversions in a List

Tags: randomized_algorithms, expectation, probability, clrs, discrete_mathematics, mathematics

Bounding the Harmonic Series by Splitting Sums

Tags: summations, discrete_mathematics, mathematics, approximations

Color Processing

Tags: cos426, image_processing, computer_graphics

Bilateral Filtering

Tags: image_processing, cos426, computer_graphics

Row Echelon Form of a Linear System

Tags: linear_algebra, mathematics

Hidden Costs of Item Deletion in C++

Tags: c++, data_structures, std::move, std::swap

Of Salamanders and Computation

Tags: computational_biology, biology

Definition: Linear Equations

Tags: linear_algebra, mathematics

Coping with Human Errors in Systems

Tags: designing_data_intensive_applications, software_development, system_design

Infinite Space

Tags: philosophy, brockman_future_science, cosmology

C++: Proper Const Member Functions

Tags: c++, compilers

Constness of Public Member Functions w.r.t. Object's Logical State or Physical State

Tags: c++

The Tyranny of Convenience

Tags: privacy

Deletion Strategy for Bulk Data

Tags: c++, data_structures

Const Correctness

Tags: c++

Proof that 0.999... = 1

Tags: mathematics, proofs

C++ Const Reading Bee

Tags: c++

Describing Load: Twitter's Case

Tags: designing_data_intensive_applications, system_design, optimization

The Curse of Dimensionality

Tags: ele364, machine_learning, feature_engineering

The Multiverse Theory

Tags: philosophy, brockman_future_science

Free List

Tags: c++, data_structures

Goals of Bulk Data Storage

Tags: c++, data_structures

Planarian Worms: Fun Facts

Tags: biology, trivia

Building Fault Tolerant Systems

Tags: software_development, designing_data_intensive_applications, system_design

Coping with Hardware Faults

Tags: designing_data_intensive_applications, software_development, system_design

Const Member Function

Tags: c++, compilers

Fintech and the Financial Exploitation of Customer Data

Tags: privacy

Secret Sauce Behind Simpson's Rule

Tags: mathematics, linear_algebra, approximations

Describing Load: Load Parameters

Tags: designing_data_intensive_applications, system_design

Translation Units in C++

Tags: c++, system_programming, nesteruk_c++

Advantages of Modern C++

Tags: c++, legacy_code, kate_gregory_c++

Moving Objects in C++

Tags: c++

Describing Performance : Response Times

Tags: designing_data_intensive_applications, system_design

Elementary Operations on a System of Linear Equations?

Tags: linear_algebra, mathematics

Solution Sets for Linear Systems

Tags: linear_algebra, mathematics

Subtle Bug in Multithreaded Code

Tags: c++, compilers, system_programming


4MM106 Definice a věty


Pythagoreans' Contribution to Math

Tags: mathematics, history

Probabilistic Delta Debugging

Tags: probability

Loop Perforation



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